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Album (2015)

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Released July 31, 2015 

Marine Libert: vocals. 
Stéphan Késenne: fiddle, bouzouki, vocals, harp. 
Dominic Marchal: guitar. 
Luka Aubri: didgeridoo, vocals. 
Mich Rozek: drums, cajon. 

Special guests: 
Spyros Giasafakis (Daemonia Nymphe): pandura (on Rusalka) 
Mathieu Lacrosse (La Horde, YEW): mandoline (on Moja Duša) 
Arno Polet (La Horde, Last Men Alive): viola (on Moja Duša) 
Evi Stergiou (Daemonia Nymphe): additional vocals (on Rusalka) 
Fieke van den Hurk (Cesair): hurdy gurdy (on Arise) 
Sophie Zaaijer (Cesair, Shireen): violin, cello (on Moja Duša) 

Recorded and produced by Stéphan Késenne at "Légendes du Temps" studio, Durnal (B), January-May 2015. 
Contributions of Fieke and Sophie recorded by Fieke at Orchus Studio (NL), 
Contributions of Evi and Spyros recorded at Daemonia Nymphe's home studio, London (UK). 

Graphic design by Arno Polet. 
Cover picture: “The Show goes on” – © Brooke Shaden 
Back side picture of the digipack: “The Flock” – © Brooke Shaden 
Model for both pictures: Brooke Shaden

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